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LKA CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 15th DECEMBER 2014.  After returning home from LKA Jackie Green rang to tell me that she had organised a collection in aid of Bernese Welfare UK at the ringside and had achieved £200 in donations to help needy Bernese.  That is a wonderful, unexpected and most welcome boost to the Welfare Fund.   Thank you to Jackie and all who contributed on the day.

PETER EMBLETON MEMORIAL JULY 2014.  Well known Bernese breeder Peter Embleton sadly passed away on 6th July after battling illness.  Peter's wife Jacqui requested there be family flowers only at Peter's funeral but invited donations be made to Bernese Welfare in memory of Peter.  We received a cheque for £400 and we wish to thank Jacqui and her family and all those who contributed for their selflessness and generosity at a time of such sadness.  

ANNUAL COMPANION DOG SHOW 7th JUNE 2014  Click HERE for the report

NIGHT RIDER SPONSORED BIKE RIDE 7th JUNE 2014  Click HERE for the report

BATH CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 25th MAY 2014.  Bernese owner Wendy Westlake made some cup cakes and sold them in aid of Bernese Welfare at the show.  They were so popular that Wendy did some more baking and sold her wares at another couple of events a few weeks later and donated the proceeds which amounted to £115 to Bernese Welfare.  Such a delicious and generous idea!  Thank you so much.

WHISTLEY WOOFERS WEEKEND 10th & 11th MAY 2014  Click HERE for the report

JULIE ANN WRIGHT 7th MAY 2014.  Bernese owner Julie Ann Wright has a hairdressing salon and devises ways to encourage her clients to contribute to Bernese Welfare.  On 7th May we received a cheque for £250 and another cheque for £130 on 22nd October.  Thank you for all the time and effort you put into raising funds for us.  

COMPANION DOG SHOW AND FUN DAY 5th MAY 2015  Click HERE for the report

CRUFTS 10th MARCH 2014. On the Bernese day of Crufts, 10th March 2014, Bernese owner Lisa Ewing distributed the hoodies she had previously ordered which were adorned with a Bernese cartoon logo for the GB Bernese Buddies social networking group.  More hoodies were purchased in the weeks after Crufts and as a result of her initiative donations amounting to £249.50 were raised for Bernese Welfare UK. Joanne Murray-Bull who has two Bernese she adopted via Bernese Welfare UK was also at Crufts selling tricoloured wristbands in aid of Bernese Welfare UK and they too continued to be sold in the following weeks raising a total of £562.32.  A very sincere  "Thank you" to both Lisa and Joanne and all concerned for such generosity in helping to fund Bernese Welfare UK to continue to provide, rescue, refuge and aid to needy  Bernese and their owners.

SOUTHERN BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG CLUB 19th FEBRUARY 2014.  Early in 2014 we were delighted to be informed that the Southern BMD Club had pledged to try to help provide some financial support for Bernese Welfare.  On 19th February 2014 I received a cheque for £100 plus a batch of surplus Bernese calendars which we use for recycling to make items to sell to help with our fundraising.  On 12th June 2014 we received a cheque for £160 and on 15th October 2014 another cheque for £100. On 19th December 2014 I opened an envelope containing yet another cheque for £466.35.  I believe these sums have been achieved by a combination of generous donations from Southern Club members and those who have attended Southern Club events, the income from donated items sold from the Club's breed stand plus monies raised from raffles etc.  We are most grateful for the continued support and wish to thank you all.

MIDLAND BERNESE CARTERS 1st FEBRUARY 2014. The Midland Bernese Carters spend a lot of their spare time attending events with their dogs providing carting displays and taking part in parades whilst also promoting all that is good about Bernese Mountain Dogs and educating the public about our breed.  Whilst engaged in their hobby the carters also donate some of the attendance fees they receive and the proceeds from items sold and collections to Bernese Welfare.  On 1st February 2014 Bernese Welfare received a cheque for £500, another cheque for £377 was received on 22nd October 2014 and yet another cheque for a further £100 arrived on 28th November for £100.  This ongoing financial support to help needy Bernese is nothing short of miraculous and we offer our most sincere thanks to all those involved.

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