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An all-breed rescue kennel contacted us on Christmas Eve and asked if we could provide refuge and take responsibility for ELLY as they did not have room to keep her due to their kennels already being full to bursting point with needy dogs.  Elly had been handed into that kennel as her owner did not have time to care for her.  Christmas is always a busy time for dog rescue organisations.  We arranged for Elly to be collected within a couple of hours of receiving their call and she was transported to one of our experienced foster homes the same day. 

EDDIE.  When his owner's employment pattern changed from part-time work to full-time rotating shifts, Eddie was left home-alone for extensive and regular periods. Eddie was so frustrated and desperate for company that when his owner WAS home he was demanding attention all the time in whatever way he could get it and so his owner handed him in to Bernese Welfare. A friendly and affectionate dog, he was successfully rehomed to an experienced owner who was home all day and Eddie also has a canine companion.

BARNEY.  Too large and strong for busy owners to care for or train properly so he was handed into Bernese Welfare. A good natured boy, with remedial training he was rehomed successfully.

BENTLEY.  Puppy Bentley thought that he was allowed to join in and dominate all the games with the four children he lived with. Unfortunately, he quickly grew to be bigger and stronger than all of the children and so often knocked them down. Handed into Bernese Welfare aged 6 months he was placed in a calmer home with no young children and has grown into a sober citizen! 

BERTIE & ROSY.  Due to a change in personal circumstances, the owner of newly-purchased Leonberger Rosy, a retired ex-breeding bitch and Bernese Bertie contacted Bernese Welfare to ask for help in rehoming the dogs. Bertie has a slack tongue which hangs out of his mouth but caused no problems. Luckily both dogs were adopted by a Bernese owner and now Rosy and Bertie enjoy pulling carts at displays.

HANNAH was already middle aged and had changed homes and owners several times previously when her (then) current owner decided to part with her and handed her in to Bernese Welfare. Sociable and tolerant, she was rehomed to a family who had previous experience of Bernese and other animals. Hannah seems to have a calming influence and be setting a good example to her puppy friend.

ZEUS was purchased as a puppy by a couple who had previously owned a much smaller and more stoic, elderly dog. As each month passed they had less control of this boisterous and strong boy, and he realised that by brute force he could usually
get his own way. Handed in to Bernese Welfare, he received remedial training and was rehomed to experienced owners who soon directed his energy into positive behaviour. Zeus' favourite pastime is to travel in the car at every opportunity and of course he prefers the front seat!

TATIANA.  Born and bred and living in France, Tatiana had been a bit of a handful as a puppy but had grown to be quite a well-mannered young adult. Her owners decided to move abroad but didn't want to take Tatiana with them but neither did they want to leave her in France as she was used to living within an English speaking household. Tatiana was brought into the UK on the Pet Passport Scheme and was handed into Bernese Welfare. Keen to be around people all the time, Tatiana was successfully rehomed to experienced Bernese owners.

PADDINGTON was yet another large, boisterous, strong male who had learned to run circles around his owners and get his own way. Lacking in training and manners, his owners could no longer cope with this friendly but enormously strong hooligan and contacted Bernese Welfare for help. Paddington found a new home with experienced Bernese owners who were able to mould him into a much better behaved, and happier, dog.

MURPHY'S owners faced a change of personal circumstances and reluctantly had to part with this very well-behaved, friendly
and affectionate middle-aged bitch. Murphy was handed in to Bernese Welfare and we were told she had suffered epileptic seizures as a pup and had subsequently been receiving expensive medication for epilepsy for many years with no further seizures occurring. Veterinary investigation suggested the drugs were likely no longer necessary and so Murphy's medication was decreased gradually and finally stopped. Murphy was given a clean bill of health, rehomed and has never had any seizures or health issues since.

GUS had been purchased a guard dog to protect a yard. Permanently tethered on a line attached to a small wooden kennel, he was not a happy dog. His owners were disappointed that his guarding abilities did not meet their needs or expectations and he was handed in to Bernese Welfare. Gus was very ignorant when he arrived but quickly learned basic skills such as walking on a lead and coming when called, and he relished the company and contact with people. Rehomed to an experienced Bernese owner he lives a happy life as family companion in the midst of a dog-friendly and comfortable household.

ELLIE.  The owners who purchased Ellie had, quite simply, made a mistake. They thought they wanted a large dog and that Bernese would be perfect but they didn't have the time nor the energy nor the skills to turn Ellie into the dog they dreamed of so she was handed into Bernese Welfare. Lacking in training and with few inhibitions, Ellie showed a stubborn tendency when undergoing her remedial training but was successfully rehomed with a devoted owner who put time and effort into her rehabilitation and reaped the rewards.

JARVIS was yet another young male who had too much energy and testosterone surging through his veins! His owners were neither physically nor mentally strong enough to counteract his boisterous behaviour. Handed into Bernese Welfare, he proved fairly easy to train and after rehoming his energies were directed towards agility which he and his owners greatly enjoy.

BRUNO had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and had also suffered from intermittent front leg lameness during puppyhood. His owners feared the prospect of on-going veterinary bills so decided to hand Bruno into Bernese Welfare. Like many Bernese who show juvenile lameness or mobility disruption, after 16 - 18 months old the problem often settles down so that with careful feeding and exercise and sensible management the dog can continue to live a happy and relatively problem-free life. This was the case with Bruno and after he was given a clean bill of health he was rehomed and continues to do well.

RUBY.  This Bernese crossbreed and her littermates were born to a purebred Bernese bitch. All were,
eventually, rehomed by Bernese Welfare.

GEORGIA had lived for 3 years in a second story apartment in a housing complex - her only access to the outside was to be taken in the lift down to ground level and be walked on a lead on a small grass amenity area outside the building for a few minutes. Georgia liked to jump up at any unwary passer-by and bark into their face. Once handed into Bernese Welfare, some remedial
training cured her bad habits and Georgia, complete with new-found good manners, was rehomed.

BONNIE had already had two different owners before being handed into the care of Bernese Welfare. Bonnie came with a reputation for being boisterous, strong and unresponsive, and she had a history of intermittent lameness of unknown cause. After some successful remedial training and veterinary investigation followed by appropriate medication, Bonnie was successfully rehomed.

TESS & LITTLE TOMMY.  Bred on a puppy farm, purchased from a pet shop and then handed into Bernese Welfare, both of these two undernourished, scrawny 9 week old littermates were found to have a hepatic shunt (a defect of the liver and digestion process) and Tommy also had a serious heart murmur. Tess showed improvement over time and responded to treatment but the prognosis for Little Tommy was bleak.  It was decided to let Tommy enjoy whatever time he had left, and so he enjoyed a carefree and happy few months of puppyhood within a loving foster home and he enjoyed spending time playing with his litter sister even though she was bigger than him.  Sadly, Tommy's health suddenly deteriorated and this brave, happy little puppy died peacefully at a little over 5 months old. Tess remained small with a few health issues but with a carefully controlled diet and light medication she lives a happy and contented life.

BUNTY.  When her owner could not cope with nor properly care for Bunty plus another small breed bitch whilst they were all living in a first-floor apartment.  Bernese Welfare was asked to help. Rehomed to a family who already had another resident Bernese, Bunty now lives a happy life especially enjoying the great outdoors.





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